It's Time to Show Off Your Floors!
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Do you need your floor repaired?

We can repair anything from a single board to an entire floor. So before you decide to pull out your old floor, let us bring it back to life for a reasonable price.

We can supply any variety of floor you might have, as well as custom stain it to give you that perfect match.
Westfield Repair Job
A costumer had their island removed from their kitchen and called thinking they would need to replace the whole floor.

We removed several boards in order to weave in new boards that matched the current floor. Sanded & refinished the whole floor and these are the results!
Step 1 The Problem
Step 3 Replace
Step 2 Cut Out
Step 4 Sand and Refinish
Agawam Repair Job
A wall was taken down to make a master bed room.
We repaired the floor, then sanded and refinished it.